Neymar: Vini Jr is the ugliest player I’ve played with

Former Barcelona forward Neymar has made some strange remarks on Real Madrid star Vinicius Jr amid the ongoing Copa America.

When asked in an interview about the ‘ugliest player’ he has ever played with, the Brazilian answered: “The ugliest player I played with? F***, I’ve played soo many, man, it’s a good competition.

“F***, with all due respect… Vini Jr, he hurts man [laughs]. Look Vini I love you but bro. The good thing is that he’s funny so it makes up for it.”

This comment was seemingly made in jest by Neymar, but is still a controversial and disrespectful thing to say about a national teammate in a public interview.

Vini Jr has already been tormented by racism from opposition fans in Spain, so this comment on him doesn’t help things at all.

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