“I Cried A Lot When My Husband Said He Was Ashamed Of My Growth As An Actress” Bimbo Adebayo

Yoruba movie actress Bimbo Adebayo has revealed what her husband said about her movie career as an actress that made her shed some tears, while also stating how he has been a big challenge in her career as an actress.

In a video that was posted on the official YouTube channel of Oyinmomotv during an interview with media personality Damilola Banire, she disclosed that she cried a lot when her husband told her that he was ashamed of her growth as an actress, saying that he was a big challenge for her as an actress.

In her statement, she said, “When I concentrated on my business, I was making money and enjoying the success because I was taking out of my business money to produce my movies.

“My husband invested in my movie career, but he wasn’t happy because he expects instant success from it, and he is part of the challenges I’m having in the movie industry because he’s no longer supporting me financially.

“I cried a lot when my husband said he was ashamed of my growth as an actress.”

Watch the video from (13:55 to 14:39).


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