“Having a big backside solves all your problems” – Tbaj declares (VIDEO)

Popular Nigerian reality TV star and DJ, Tolani Baj has revealed in a recent podcast session that having a big backside solves all your problems.


Tbaj, who co-owns the Bahdandboujee podcast with Mo Abudu, disagreed with her after sharing the statement for them to deliberate on.

Though it was a short clip, Tolani was certain that a lady’s problem could be solved if she had a massive backside.

However, many internet users seem to agree with her opinion, claiming that it is the reason why some ladies are doing BBLs.

In their opinion, it is a feature that some men are attracted to and they would give monetary gifts to ladies who fall in the category.

Below are some of the comments;

@m.d.o.n.n.i.e:  There is bum bum privilege in this country and that’s facts.

@brownie_stephy:  I love the way they both bring up topics to stir drama, next senseless people with start arguing and saying their opinions like it matters 

@uncomfortable_yarn:  Yes, it doesn’t solve ALL your problems;
But it sure as heaven does take care of a huge chunk. 

@thereal_beth:  This isn’t entirely true though! Most people just want to sleep with you when you’re curvy and attractive. It’ll only solve most problems if you don’t know how to close your legs and if you lack discipline. Not all!

Watch the video below,

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