Today I Can Beat My Chest And Say I Know What Happened Between Wike and Fubara—Asari Dokubo

Following the political dispute between Nyesom Wike and Governor Fubara, Alhaji Asari Dokubo, a leader in the Kalabari Kingdom, shared his perspective. He confidently asserted that he now understands what unfolded between Wike and Fubara. Initially undecided, Dokubo refrained from taking sides until he gained clarity on the situation.


In a Facebook video, Asari stated that the NDDC allocates N99 million for a 1-kilometer road in an undeveloped area, but Wike was allocating N4 billion for a 1-kilometer road in Port Harcourt. He also highlighted discrepancies in reported state revenues: Governor Fubara claimed Rivers generates between N23 to N27 billion monthly, while Wike stated it was N13 to N15 billion, which raises questions about the allocation of the remaining funds.

According to him, “When this whole crisis started, I openly stated that I would not back anybody, and I asked those who believe in me not to support anyone, since we didn’t know the reason for the fight between the political father and the political godson. Today I can categorically beat my chest and say I know what happened between Wike and Fubara. Nyesom Wike’s IGR of Rivers State is between N23 and N27 billion, and Wike was declaring N12 billion. Where was the N13 or N15 billion going? Governor Fubara said they make between N23 to N27 billion every month. Where was this money going? Wike will construct 1 kilometer of road for N4 billion. NDDC is awarding 1 kilometer of road for N99 million in the harshest environment ever, but Wike is awarding in Port Harcourt, a developed place, N4 billion for 1 kilometer of road.”

Video Link: Start the video at [8:26].

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