ENG 0-0 SVN: Cole Palmer’s Miss Has Proven That He Is An Overrated Player.


In the second half of the game between England and Slovenia today at the Euros, Cole Palmer missed a glorious chance provided by Harry Kane, and I believe that the miss has proven that he is indeed overrated.

The reason why I believe that the miss by Cole Palmer has proven that he is an overrated player is due to the fact that; it was a clear chance presented to him by his captain and a player of his hype should have converted it.

If you watched that scenario carefully, you would see that when the pass came from Harry Kane, Cole Palmer has a lot of time and space to pick out a corner for the ball to be played to, but instead he played it low.

The ball was poorly hit by the Chelsea forward, and considering all the hypes he’s been enjoying for months now I think it’s kind of like a bad thing after seeing that awful miss.


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