Watch; TB Joshua’s Wife Surprises All, Reveals How Her Husband Acquired His Powers

In an emotional speech to the attendees at The Synagogue Church of Al Nations (SCOAN) during the First- Year Commemoration of Prophet T. B. Joshua’s Life and Legacy, Pastor Evelyn Joshua disclosed the ‘key’ to her late husband’s lasting impact as a prophet for future generations.

Reflecting on T. B. Joshua’s life, Evelyn highlighted that prayer was integral to his greatness, “The T. B. Joshua I knew, married, and who fathered my three daughters was deeply devoted to prayer, “she expressed. “It was, in fact, his commitment to prayer that attracted me to him, “In her heartfelt speech, Evelyn recalled how her husband persistently sought divine direction. “Every morning, he prayed earnestly, asking God to remove anything that could distance him from the Kingdom of God,” she disclosed. Pastor Evelyn also honored two remarkable women one of whom has passed away, who offered her invaluable advice whenever she encountered difficulties in her marriage, especially concerning her need for attention amidst her husband’s schedule.


Despite these obstacles, she remembered many treasured moments with T. B. Joshua, “I learned from my husband that life is not always easy, he instilled in me the values of patience, unwavering faith in God, tolerance, perseverance, understanding, and forgiveness.” Evelyn reflected on their early years. together, before the founding of SCOAN, At that time, there was no SCOAN, and we were happy. “When we started the church, sitting on simple mats, I took on the role of the first Sunday School teacher, today, we see the fruits of those modest beginnings.* Evelyn voiced her appreciation by thanking the church leadership and members around the globe for their steadfast support since the passing of T. B. Joshua, the ministry of this church is upheld by the God of Prophet T. B. Joshua.

“He remains the cornerstone of our mission, and we continue proudly in His powerful name, she stated. “We are grateful to God for the protection, blessings, and ongoing growth in our services, including divine healing and breakthroughs. “Evelyn highlighted the church’s dedication to preserving. T. B. Joshua’ s legacy through ongoing commitment to prayer and community outreach. “Our mission is to encounter God through prayer, our partners and members frequently visit the mountain to seek a divine connection, “she explained. She also revealed upcoming initiatives, saying, “By God’s grace, we will soon begin work on T.B. Joshua’ s breakthrough projects, we are committed to establishing a solid foundation for our youth through our education department.”

Scooper Evelyn highlighted the church’s future endeavors, stressing the significance of engaging with the youth and nurturing partnerships. “Our objective is to connect with young people worldwide and collaborate actively with women and diverse groups to foster harmonious relationships,” she stated, in her closing statements, Evelyn conveyed heartfelt appreciation to a diverse array of supporters. “We extend our gratitude to national and international government officials, embassies and consulates, religious and traditional leaders, non- governmental organizations, and many others for their support,” she expressed. Through her sincere words, Pastor Evelyn Joshua vividly illuminated T. B. Joshua’ s legacy and the ongoing mission of SCOAN to honor his teachings and broaden the reach of his ministry globally

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