Seyi Law exits the stage in anger after Funnybone, Akpororo rudely cut off his performance at an event(VIDEO)

Seyi Law leaves stage in anger after Funny Bone, Akpororo rudely cut him off during performance (VIDEO)

A viral video has ignited a storm of reactions after capturing the dramatic moment Nigerian comedian Seyi Law was unceremoniously ousted from the stage by his fellow comedians, Funnybone and Akpororo.

The incident unfolded at a high-profile comedy show, where Seyi Law, known for his sharp humor, found himself embroiled in an unexpected clash with his peers.

Funnybone was the first to interrupt Seyi Law on stage, but despite this, Seyi Law continued speaking until Akpororo emphatically instructed him to leave the stage.

The reasons behind their actions remain unclear, prompting speculation among internet users that it might be related to Seyi Law’s online persona or recent public statements.


Users on platform X were captivated by the video’s humor and eagerly expressed a myriad of diverse opinions about it.




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