Rihanna opens up about her surprising pregnancy symptom

The Umbrella singer shares two children, RZA and Riot Rose, with rapper A$AP Rocky

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Known for her bold and versatile style, as well as her killer voice, Rihanna has never shied away from making a statement, and her hair is no different.

The Umbrella singer has now turned her eye to the haircare market by launching her new brand, Fenty Hair in Los Angeles.

At the event, Rihanna shared with Refinery29 at the launch that throughout her two pregnancies, she experienced a surprising symptom that was “not on the pamphlet”: hair loss.

“I did not expect it to happen in waves either,” she said of her patchy locks at the time. “I thought it would just happen and grow back, but it went this spot, then this spot, then this spot”, the singer continued, pointing to different areas on her head.

Rihanna has two children, RZA, two, and Riot Rose, ten months, with her partner, rapper A$AP Rocky, and shared with E! News at the Met Gala last year that she also had “tons of nausea” and cravings during her pregnancies.

Reflecting on her hair loss, she said, “At that point you just say alright, enough is enough. But I also learned to embrace that in itself, that actually made me just get a little more creative and clever in my hairstyles.”

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky pose with RZA and Riot
Rihanna and A$AP Rocky pose with RZA and Riot

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, hair loss is a common symptom of pregnancy, typically caused by a drop in estrogen levels.

In these instances, hair will almost always grow back, and the experts recommend that new mothers be gentle with their hair and avoid tight styles and tourniquets.

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