“If I’m offered $10-million for a show the same day Wizkid is doing a show, I’ll turn it down” DJ Tunez

"If I'm offered -million for a show the same day Wizkid is doing a show, I'll turn it down” DJ Tunez

I’m loyal to Wizkid, do you know what Wizkid has done for me in 8 years? I would’ve loved to name the things he did for me but he doesn’t like announcing his good deeds. No amount of money can buy me from Wizkid, FC for life.” DJ Tunez

“When Wizkid called me and said he wanted me to be his personal DJ at Starboy Entertainment, I lost conscîousness for about an hour and wõke up screamîng Wizkid DDD at the top of my voice. I remember I was in London when he called me so I immediately left to go see him in Lagos. When I got to his house, he told me that he wanted us to go global. And we’ve been going global for the past 8 years. I’ve been to almost every city in the world for free because of Wizkid and I’m really grateful. Our chemistry on stages is unbreakable because Wizkid is a very great performer. I’m very loyal to Wizkid and even money cannot buy the loyalty I have for him because even though he took me at Starboy Entertainment when I was already big, he has done a lot for me over the years. Even if I’m offered $10-million at an event the day Wizkid is performing, I’ll turn it down. I’ve got like 6 songs with Wizkid which are all hits but Wizkid never charged me a penny for those collaborations. There’s no amount of money that can buy me from Wizkid, I’m with him for lîfe.” DJ Tunez


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