Why I haven’t owned a phone since 2015 – Ed Sheeran reveals

Why I haven’t owned a phone since 2015 – Ed Sheeran reveals

English singer, Ed Sheeran recently revealed why he doesn’t own a phone.

On the podcast Therapuss with Jake Shane, the “Shape of You” singer revealed that he doesn’t use a cell phone and instead communicates via email.

When Shane asked for his phone number, Sheeran replied, “I don’t have a number, but you can have my email,” emphasizing that he wasn’t brushing him off.

Sheeran admitted that his team provides him with a phone during events for social media purposes, but it’s not an active working phone. This change started in December 2015, when Sheeran realized he had too many contacts to manage. “I had the same number from like age 15,” he explained. “I got famous, and I had 10,000 contacts on my phone. People would just text all the time, and I was constantly in touch with a lot of people.”

He felt pressured by the expectation to reply promptly to every message. “With phones, everyone expects you to reply, and if you don’t, it’s rude,” he said. “Sometimes you’re just not in a headspace to reply, but then they reply back… and suddenly you’re in like 40 conversations at once.”

To break free from this constant communication and avoid phone addiction, Sheeran decided to stop using a phone and switched to an iPad, checking emails only once a week. “On a Thursday or Friday, I sit down, usually in the car. I blast all the emails. Catch up. Do all the talking to whoever… and that’s it. You can really limit your time.” he said.

He noted that not having a phone allows him to be present and enjoy uninterrupted moments, such as having dinner with his best friend. Additionally, email communication alleviates the pressure of instant replies and potential negative reactions.

Sheeran affirmed that being disconnected fosters creativity. “When you’re just sitting doing nothing, that’s when I think of a lyric or a melody,” he explained. “Nothing creative has ever come out of being connected the whole time. Boredom is what makes someone think of an iPhone.”

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