I Am Not Searching For A Man, I Have Boys SERVICING Me When I Need It – Korra Obidi Speaks On Life After Divorce

I am not searching for a man, I have boys SERVICING me when I need it – Korra Obidi speaks on life after Divorce 1

Korra Obidi, a Nigerian dancer and actress, made headlines in a recent interview when she candidly discussed her love life and financial goals

When asked if she was searching for “Mr. Right” two years after her divorce from Justin Dean, Korra Obidi revealed that she has multiple men “servicing” her, a euphemism for romantic partners.

Earlier in the conversation, Korra emphasized her focus on achieving financial independence, jokingly stating that if she were to remarry, her husband would essentially become her “wife” – implying that she values her independence and financial stability.

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