“I’m Bigger Than Wizkid and Davido at The Moment” – Saida Boj

Saida Boj has increased her fan base by revealing that she is currently more popular and bigger than musicians Davido and Wizkid.

The content producer recently went viral for some of her thoughts on a podcast show.

Because of the worrisome nature of her words, all of her social media accounts were heavily reported and blocked.

Since then, she has gained popularity for her witty comments to those who call her out.

As a result, Saida Boj is confident that she is bigger than Wizkid and Davido.

Here is Saida Boj’s post;

Man Dumps His Girlfriend for Seriously Defending Saida Boj Online

Lady leaks chat after she was dumped by her partner for defending controversial influencer Saida Boj.

It should be noted that an uproar ensued on social media when the media personality made some fairly provocative statements during her appearance on the Honest Bunch podcast.

Among other things, she has said that a woman ought to bill a guy 24 hours after meeting him; that men are cheap and not scarce at all; and that she is pleased when a woman divorces her husband.

This and other remarks brought about her the fury of some social media users who caused her to lose all her social media pages.

A TikToker named @somi_blaze__ was having a conversation with his girlfriend when he mentioned how he sent money to his mother.

The guy said that it was preferable than giving it to some random Instagram lady who wants to be compensated for intimacy.

Saida Boj’s name came up while they were bickering, and the woman sought to justify herself by pointing out that Saida is only a content creator.

According to the girlfriend, Saida is adept at making stuff to rile guys up, but she may not engage in similar activities in real life.

Her boyfriend called her out and chastised her for defending Saida.

He furiously ended their relationship and told her to date women since she was so in love with them.

“POV: you become single for defending Saida Boj,” she captioned a screenshot of their chats.


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