Diggers Association, Digs Up Old Videos Of Saida Boj’s Boring Skits

Saida Boj, also known as Sarah Idaji Ojone, has recently gained significant attention in the realm of social media due to her controversial statements during an interview on The Honest Bunch.

One of her notable claims was that a man could sleep with her for a sum of N20 million. These provocative remarks, along with others, have garnered widespread attention and sparked extensive comments.

Nigerians, who are known for their relentless scrutiny of public figures, swiftly uncovered old skit videos of Saida Boj following her contentious interview. The resurfacing of these clips has resulted in increased criticism and mockery.

Consequently, Saida Boj has been subjected to various derogatory labels. Netizens have now labeled her as a failed skit-maker, among other taunts.

Reacting, One @pauldgoodguy wrote: “shoutout to twitter soldiers oh i fear una die.”

footprints___ng wrote: “Ohh! She’s also a failed skit maker? .”

jo_blaq02 wrote: “Wow so she be comedian .. Meaning everything wey she Dey talk na joke.”

kemicutie_ wrote: “Okay ,she don try normal contents tire he no work no wonder she start to misbehàve dey misyarn.”


mrhorlic wrote: “Release VDM and take Saidaboj.”

fresh.main wrote: “So this dragon was a comedian.”

silvaboymusic wrote: “This videos sweet me pass all my past relationships Nigerians fit dig my baptismal card from where my mama keep am self .”

honherberthossana wrote: “Failed olosho, failed skit maker, broke, hungry, desperate attention seeker .”

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