Controversial Saida Boj Exiled from Social Media: TikTok Ban and Disabled Instagram & Facebook Accounts [Video]

Controversial Influencer, Saida Boj, mockingly called “20 million baby,” has faced a dramatic exile from social media platforms. She has been trending for the wrong reasons on social media since her interview.

TikTok has banned her, while she disabled her Instagram and Facebook pages just before they were about to be banned due to massive reports from users.

The social media influencer, now considered a threat to children, has been trending for all the wrong reasons.

The controversy began when Saida Boj, during an appearance on the Honest Bunch Podcast, made provocative comments that triggered widespread backlash. She infamously stated that with 20 million, you could sleep with her from any entrance. Her remarks led to a heated exchange with the host, Nedu, who retorted, “You will grow old and remain unmarried.”

See Nedu’s comment below:

Following her controversial statements, Saida Boj’s pages were inundated with reports for suspected ‘fooling’ and misinformation. This backlash was compounded by her brutal insults directed at fellow influencers Datwarrigirl and Erriga, which further fueled the negative sentiment against her.

Netizens dug up old videos to mock her, showcasing her humble beginnings and even a video of her crying after being jilted by a man. These videos were used to ridicule her and highlight the stark contrast between her past and her current controversial persona.

See the old videos below:



In a defiant move, Saida Boj quickly opened another account after her initial accounts were deleted. She addressed her critics with a bold statement: “You’re happy that my social media accounts got deleted. I wish you can put the same energy you use in reporting my account to make money. I’m back & I’m here to stay.”

See her video below:


This saga underscores the volatile nature of social media fame and the swift repercussions of controversial behavior online. While Saida Boj’s return to social media signals her resilience, it remains to be seen how she will navigate the intense scrutiny and backlash from netizens moving forward.

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