Why I’m always happy when a woman divorces her husband – Saida Boj

Controversial influencer, Saida Bojexplains why she gets happy when a woman divorces her husband as she insists men are cheap and abundant.

The media personality revealed that she respects and gets happy when a woman divorces her husband because she might be unhappy in her marriage.

saida boj woman happy divorces her husband
Saida Boj.

She added that if she wanted to get married, she would have done so years ago because men aren’t scarce.

Saida also stated that men are cheap and she has quite a number of guys who are flooding her DMs.

The influencer made these known while being featured in the Honest Bunch podcast with Nedu Wazobia, Ezinne and Husband Material.

abdul_thewave remarked: “Grown men sitting with a baby discussing rubbish haba na …”

ojeshair commented: “She sure knows how to use the SM space and yall giving her free popularity. This girl might be the opposite of everything she is saying”

amyxious_bubz penned: “Will she clap for her son if he brings home a woman like her?? Am asking for future purposes”

charminghela stated: “I’m going to lose my mind if I see this girl one more time ‍♂️ this girl doesn’t think about the future before opening mouth. In the next 2-3 decades from now you’ll be so ashamed of your contents I promise you.”

eko.savage remarked: “In as much as you are not a member of my family..you’re dojng wonderfully well dear”

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