Man celebrates agile-looking dad as he turns 101

A man has caused a buzz online as he celebrates his agile-looking dad who recently turned 101 years.

The man known as Alex Riley took to Twitter to celebrate his father who on the 25th of May.

Netizens react as man celebrates agile-looking dad as he turns 101
Man clocks 101 years. Photo source: Alexriley/Twitter.

On his X page, the photo he shared captured his father looking agile and vibrant despite his 101 years of age.

The photo sparked reactions from social media users who have commented on his physique.

Sharing the post, Alex Riley said:

“My old man is 101 now. He just keeps going! My dad is 50 ahead of me.”

Read some comments below:

@neilbage said: “Wow. Very cool. Same birthday as me though he’s 51 years ahead of me.”

@Kreuzbergplan said: “Congratulations to the father. That is fantastic and yet extraordinary. May the guardian angels continue to accompany him.”

@Mpowered369 said: “Happy Birthday my dad turns 100 today also. We are two lucky guys to still have them.”

@ldjLars said: “I just became no 101 to like this post❤️ btw my Old man turned 99 this month, and he also keeps going. They’ve seen some shit. When asked what really rocked the world he answered “railroads”.”

@hodly00ts said: “my grandpa was born in 1915 and lived to be 99 years old. he was youthful, optimistic and happy right up until the day the died. when he would walk into a room he would always see the positive.”

See his post below:

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