Influencer reveals why women move on fast after breakup, netizens kick

Influencer stirs mixed opinions as he reveals the reason women move on fast after they go through a breakup.

On netizen, @777jorgeivan had taken to social media to wonder why women move on so fast after they must have gone through a breakup.

influencer women move on fast break up

“How do women move on so fast??” he asked.

The Twitter influencer @Wizarab10 replied explaining that women do not go through healing after they must have broken up with their boyfriends.

Rather, he opines that the lady makes the decision to leave while she is in a relationship with the guy.

While still in the relationship, she begins to go through a healing process, finding another replacement for the current boyfriend, and then eventually leaving the relationship.

He opined that by the time she had left relationship, she had already gone through all the needed healing process and has moved on.

His words …

“They don’t move on fast. They make the deciision to leave while still in the relationship, get through the healing process while still with you and get your replacement before leaving.

When you see them dating, you think they moved on fast. They moved on while dating you.”

Mixed reactions soon followed …

@Tobicods commented: “Lol. That’s why Men stay lonely for a while after a failed relationship and women are already in a two months relationship after breaking up a month ago. ”

@ChuksOhaxx penned: “Inside that your relationship, another relationship dey inside”

@ModernKitchn remarked: “You may be right but the truth is women love opportunistically. Once the purpose is fulfilled they find another opportunity, leave go benefit there till they get tired and jump ship again. It’s never about being mistreated or unloved it’s just the way they’re are; OPPORTUNISTS”

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