Destiny Etiko Told My Ex-wife To Leave Me, She Gave Her To K-Cee Who Was Giving Her Money”Harrysong


Based on the reported statements from Nigerian singer Harrysong during an Instagram live video on actor Stanley_Ontop’s official page, he has made serious allegations against Nollywood actress Destiny Etiko regarding her alleged role in his marital woes with his ex-wife.


According to Harrysong, Destiny Etiko had direct communication with his ex-wife, during which she allegedly encouraged her to break up with the singer. He claims that Etiko advised his ex-wife to “bring him down” and pursue a career as a superstar in Nollywood, citing her “beautiful face” as an asset.

Harrysong further alleges that Etiko facilitated a connection between his ex-wife and singer K-Cee, who was reportedly providing her with financial support. In his words, “Destiny Etiko told my ex-wife to leave me, she gave her to K-Cee, who was giving her money.”

It is important to note that these are Harrysong’s own statements, and Destiny Etiko has not yet responded to these allegations. As with any such claim, it is crucial to maintain objectivity and respect the principles of due process and fair representation.

While the details of personal relationships and marital disputes can be complex and sensitive, the allegations made by Harrysong raise questions about professional conduct and boundaries, particularly when it comes to the involvement of public figures in the personal lives of others.


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