Uche Ogbodo’s Int’l passport showing her real age emerges amid doubts trailing 38th birthday celebration

Actress Uche Ogbodo’s International passport has emerged online amid scepticism about her real age.

The controversy began when the actress celebrated her birthday, claiming to be 38 years old. Many netizens expressed doubt, accusing her of lying in the comments about her date of birth.

In response to the backlash, Uche Ogbodo released a photo of her International Passport, which confirmed she is indeed 38.

Accompanying the photo, she stated:

“To Whom It May Concern! Maybe Now you foolzz will Shut ya moda facking Mouf! Talking Shit! Idiats! My Mom is not even Up to 60 yet! Ndiara!”

See the post below:

In other news, Uche Ogbodo recently called out one of the airlines in Nigeria over their lack of professionalism.

The mother of three revealed that she booked a flight straight to Guangzhou, China from Qatar Airways, but after 3 hours in Doha, she found herself in China’s Southern Sun flight with the most uncomfortable seat for almost 8 hours at a stretch.

Uche Ogbodo questioned if this had ever happened to anyone before, pondering why her flight was changed in Doha. She further questioned if this was normal or she was just overreacting.

Noting how she paid N2million for the flight which was economy, she stated that the airline should have atleast explained this to her as she saw cheaper airlines which she avoided because she chose comfort only for her to be discomforted and left in pain.

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