How Mike Adenuga’s Daughter, Bella Disu, is Expanding Family Fortune

How Mike Adenuga's Daughter, Bella Disu, is Expanding Family Fortune

At just 37 years old, Bella Disu is already a powerhouse in the African telecom industry. She might be known to many as the daughter of Africa’s fifth-richest billionaire Mike Adenuga, but she’s more than just an heiress.

Born into affluence, Bella could have easily rested on the laurels of her family’s wealth. Instead, she chose to forge her own path.

Transforming Globacom and Beyond

Bella Disu pursued her education with vigor, obtaining a degree in political science and International Relations from the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

This foundation laid the groundwork for her future in business, providing her with both the theoretical and practical skills needed to navigate the complex world of international business.

Bella joined Globacom, Nigeria’s second-largest telecommunications group, in 2004. Her rise to executive vice chairperson has been marked by strategic decision-making and a bold approach to project management.

One of her standout achievements includes the development of the Alliance Française Mike Adenuga Centre, a cultural hub inaugurated by French President Emmanuel Macron.

Inspired by this project, she mastered French in just a few months to better represent her initiatives, stating at the 2019 Africa CEO Forum, “I’d be a fraud if I didn’t speak French after being so involved in this Francophone project.”

Under her leadership, Globacom has evolved into Nigeria’s premier digital services provider, pioneering significant developments like the $800 million Glo-1, a high-capacity fibre-optic cable from the UK to Nigeria, which notably remained operational despite massive internet disruptions across the country.

A Diverse Portfolio in Business

Beyond telecommunications, Bella holds significant roles in real estate and manufacturing. She is the CEO of Cobblestone Properties and Estates, which has developed key residential and commercial properties across Nigeria.

Some of Cobblestone’s properties include, Bella’s Place (a seven-story office complex), The Mall, Ile-Oja at Opebi (Ikeja), Sisi Paris, Ilé-Ọjà Victoria Island (a premium retail mall), and Probyn, an exquisite terrace apartment complex.

As Chairman of Abumet Nigeria, she has led innovations in glass and aluminum manufacturing, while her role at Julius Berger Nigeria Plc has seen her influence the company’s move into the agro-allied industry, significantly boosting profits.

Advocating for Women and Social Impact

Bella’s influence extends to social empowerment and advocacy. She founded the Bella Disu Foundation, supporting educational, health, and disaster relief initiatives.

In 2024, she launched the SheGlows Program at Globacom, aimed at fostering a supportive environment for female professionals.

Her commitment to women’s representation in business is personal and profound.

She once said: “When I started off at 18, one of my struggles was that I looked around me and didn’t see many young women like me who were high up in organisations… I wished that I had seen a woman in my position who could groom me and inspire me. Representation goes a long way. Now, I’d like us to pass on the message that balance is not just a hashtag.”

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