Why I settled long-standing feud with my best friend Ogogo – Yinka Quadri opens up

Nollywood actors Yinka Quadri and Ogogo squash long time beef

Famous Yoruba actor Yinka Quadri has finally spoken out after days of quiet when a video emerged showing him and Taiwo Hassan Ogogo resolving their long-standing dispute, which had sparked considerable speculation.

Yinka Quadri’s absence from Ogogo’s daughter Shaki’s wedding and naming ceremony was speculated to be due to their feud.

In a surprise turn of events, the bickering Nollywood actors put aside their differences and publicly buried the hatchet with an emotional hug at their colleague Yomi Fabiyi’s birthday party.

The actor, speaking in Yoruba, openly discussed the grounds for his reconciliation with his old buddy, emphasising that their private conflict had been kept hidden until now.

Yinka explained that, while conflicts were unavoidable, he and Ogogo had maturely overcome their issues over time.

He also attributed the lasting power of their friendship to a heavenly affinity, implying that their relationship was beyond human comprehension.

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