Kanayo O. Kanayo welcomes first son into Nollywood industry

Kanayo O. Kanayo, a well-established actor, has proudly unveiled his firstborn, Clinton Onyeze, as he embarks on his journey in the Nollywood realm. Prior to the commencement of a film production, the esteemed actor took a moment to address the crew and formally introduce his son to everyone, assigning him the roles of Assistant Production Manager and Personal Assistant.

In order to maintain professionalism, Kanayo O. Kanayo emphasized the significance of treating his son as an equal member of the crew, refraining from any preferential treatment.

It was made clear that Clinton would receive compensation for his contributions.

The actor further revealed that his son had recently completed his studies at Babcock University and was currently interning to gain practical experience in the fields of filmmaking and management.

Kanayo O. Kanayo encouraged his colleagues and followers to extend similar opportunities to their own children, fostering a deeper understanding and admiration for the industry.

In his words:

“We resumed filming today. My son, Clinton, Onyeze Mbaise, joins us as Assistant Production Manager & my Personal Assistant. He is an intern to understudy Film making and Management before proceeding for further studies. We should let our children work in our organisations or other establishments to appreciate industry. Kudos Onyeze. Welcome on board Simpliciter Associates Productions”

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prime_talis said: “Onyeze don’t worry. The fear of KOK is the beginning of sacrifice. You’re covered.”

bukasvlog_ said: “Hin say don’t spoil my son for me”

iam_rhema noted: “You’re playing a good fatherly role”

number1_chic_fitness wrote: “Pls don’t end up like yul edochie”

ugovin_nollywood stated: “Well said senior colleague! You are a god”

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