No matter how wealthy I am, once I enter a relationship, I become financially broke. – Saida Boj

Saida Boj, a Nigerian influencer, recently talked about her views on relationships. According to her, when she is in a relationship, she tends to become broke and unable to afford certain luxuries like wigs, new phones, and other things she enjoys buying for herself when she’s single.
However, when she’s single, she can afford to spoil herself and buy those things. Saida believes that when a girl is single, she should take care of herself and be independent. But, when in a relationship, the man should take on the responsibility of providing for her and getting her those things she wants. These opinions were shared by Saida during an episode of Hot Takes by Pulse TV.
Here are some reactions to her video
@stevekaylanre said: “Once I don see these settings with mic, I know no sense is coming out from there ‍♂️ Na who born these people?”
@MayJaYBaE stated: “They keep giving this girl more publicity with her yeye talks”
@Dprince_charmin responded: “I just dey pity some men.. This is just a rubblîîśh words from a grown adult. I’m so ashamed cos na this kind person some men go still toast. Come say let’s go see ur family…. You see that verse john 11:35. Na this kind girl cause am”
@deslilym agreed: “Yes, he’s to do everything. Even change my panties and bras”
@Toxyberry1 noted: “This gurl and parrot, I don’t know who’s faster while talking”
@Sirdhino said: “Someone called her verydaftwoman and I see it now”
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