Lizzy Anjorin continues online drama with Iyabo Ojo

Actress Lizzy Anjorin has continued the online beef with Iyao Ojo while involving other colleagues, Laide Bakare and  Mercy Aigbe.

Lizzy Anjorin continues online drama with Iyabo Ojo

The Yoruba movie star shared her experiences with Laide and Mercy with whom she was once close, revealing that both of them struck a friendship in America after she was invited to her son’s naming ceremony.

According to Anjorin, their relationship didn’t last long as Iyabo Ojo started getting close to Laide Bakare and ruined their relationship.

She stated that when Mercy Aigbe became the wife of Kazim Adeoti, she invited her to her launch and though Mercy was skeptical that she wouldn’t attend, she showed up for her.

Yet she betrayed her as she and Iyabo were gossiping about her, noting how she saw the stunts they pulled and how they would have bad-mouthed her if the tables were turned and she had invited Mercy party to her party and didn’t reciprocate.

Lizzy stated that despite it all, she would always defend her until she decided to go her own lane.


“Which day did I even see Laide Bakare? Do you know that Laide Bakare and I were in America when she was doing the naming ceremony of her son? Me I don’t keep friends and I am good to everybody. After we partied in America, I distanced myself from her, yet Gistlover was linking us together during her scandal.

“When Mercy Aigbe became the wife of D Owner and invited me to her launch, I told her I would come but she didn’t believe me because she knows I don’t attend parties. Sepeteri, I saw the stunt you pulled, after I went to your party and have I ever invited you to my party? Even when I did the party and you didn’t come, I still defended you.

“Facebook people it’s time I start bringing receipts, which we all would enjoy, so we can know the fake ones around us. After I went to Mercy’s party, I saw all the stunts you all were trying to pull, I saw everything. You didn’t even celebrate me at the party.

“I don’t do social media friendships. If Mercy had attended my party and I hadn’t attended hers, you all would have used that against me. You guys would have given me the name my parents didn’t give me. You all would have called me ungrateful, saying I was beefing you all,” she said.

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