“I Lost My Virginity At The Age Of 24 When I Was Eager To Know What S€x Is All About” Tolanibaj

Former participant of Big Brother Naija, Tolanibaj, has shared insights into her personal life, revealing the age at which she decided to lose her virginity and the underlying curiosity that prompted her choice. This revelation surfaced during a captivating conversation with Moet Abebe on the official Instagram page of Bahd and Boujee.



In the video, Tolanibaj candidly discussed her journey into adulthood, acknowledging a sense of unexplored opportunities during her early twenties. She remarked, “I didn’t venture enough in my early 20s, and truth be told, I might have chosen to lose it quite late.” This admission set the stage for her personal disclosure: “I lost my virginity at the age of 24 when I was eager to know what sex is all about.”

Tolanibaj’s willingness to share this intimate aspect of her life not only reaffirms her commitment to authenticity but also serves as an opportunity to challenge the silence surrounding her experiences and decisions. The video captures a moment of openness, providing a glimpse into Tolanibaj’s personal journey and fostering a more open dialogue about individual choices and experiences.

Watch the video from 0:11 to 0:37

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