“40 and you’re still posting n@ked pictures” – Follower berates BBN TBoss over her birthday post

A social media follower by the name of emeldivarecently expressed their disapproval of former Big Brother Naija star, TBoss, and her 40th birthday pictures. Emeldiva took to TBoss’ comment section on Instagram to criticize her for posting what they deemed as raunchy photos. They went on to berate TBoss, stating that she is old enough to know better than to share such revealing images on a public platform. Emeldiva emphasized that as one ages, they should also gain more wisdom.

emeldiva wrote: “4th floor and still putting your nakedness out okay. Aging should be coming with sense na. Happy birthday to you.”

However, despite the criticism, TBoss remained undeterred and continued to celebrate her milestone birthday. On Saturday, March 9, TBoss took to her social media platforms to express her gratitude and joy on turning 40. In her post’s caption, she mentioned that she was at a loss for words to describe her feelings on this special day. TBoss also expressed her excitement, stating that her 40th year has already been incredibly amazing.

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TBoss wrote; “And just like that I’m on the 4th Floor and the view from over here is looking super Amazing. Full of Gratitude I’m at a loss for words to explain or express how I feel today. Anyways, it’s my Birthday.

“Side note: God forgive me for thinking that those my Aunties who were this age were old cos Yoooo- I feel the most Childlike that I have everrrr been.”

Accompanying her heartfelt message were controversial pictures of TBoss dressed in black lingerie, exuding confidence and beauty. Despite the criticism from emeldiva, many of TBoss’s followers and colleagues flooded her comment section with beautiful compliments and well wishes.

They praised her for embracing her body and radiating self-confidence at the age of 40. Many commended TBoss for being unapologetically herself and not conforming to societal expectations of how a woman should behave or dress at a certain age.

TBoss’s supporters also pointed out that age should not dictate how one expresses themselves or celebrates their birthday. They argued that everyone has the right to celebrate their milestones in their own unique way, and if TBoss feels comfortable and happy sharing these pictures, then she should be allowed to do so without judgment.

Some fans even applauded TBoss for being a role model for women of all ages, showing them that it is never too late to embrace their beauty and feel confident in their own skin. They admired her for breaking stereotypes and challenging societal norms.

Overall, despite the criticism from emeldiva, TBoss’s 40th birthday pictures sparked a positive response from her followers and supporters. They celebrated her for being true to herself and inspiring others to do the same.

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