Several women had different experiences with my husband, he promised 5 girls marriage– Chioma Okafor

During a recent interview with Chude Jideonwo, Chioma Jasmine Okafor, a Nollywood actress and adopted daughter of veteran actor John Okafor, also known as Mr Ibu, shared insights into her personal life and relationship with her partner.



While addressing rumours circulating among netizens, Chioma clarified that there was no romantic involvement between her and either John Okafor or his son. She specifically debunked claims suggesting any affair with either of them and emphasized her lack of knowledge regarding the whereabouts of the funds donated by the public for John Okafor’s medical treatment.

Chioma disclosed that John Okafor’s son took steps to address the allegations by visiting the police station to refute the accusations against her and his father. This action indicates the seriousness with which they approached the matter to clear her name from any false accusations.

Regarding her own personal life, Chioma shared details about her husband, revealing that she discovered his true age only on their wedding day. Contrary to what she had been told earlier, she found out that he was actually 51 years old, not 38 as he had claimed previously.

Moreover, Chioma opened up about her husband’s past behavior, disclosing that he had made marriage promises to multiple women, including five individuals she came to know about. Upon investigating his phone, she uncovered evidence of his interactions with several women, particularly prominent TikTok personalities.

According to her, “Several women had different experiences with him, he promised 5 girls marriage and when I went to my husband’s phone I started seeing a lot of girls mostly big big Tiktokers”.

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