Jasmine Okafor Allegedly Claims Late Mr Ibu’s TikTok Account, Deletes All Contents

Jasmine Okafor, the adopted daughter of the late legendary actor Mr Ibu, has come under fire for allegedly altering the actor’s TikTok account with 1.1 million followers to her name.

It should be noted that the actor’s tragic death came as a shock some hours earlier, following rumours of suffering a heart attack due to high blood pressure since his surgery.

Controversial blogger Tosin Silverdam accused Jasmine of personalising the late actor’s TikTok account in a recent Instagram post.

Tosin questioned the actor’s adopted daughter about why the action was taken so quickly, believing her to be aware of Mr. Ibu’s passing prior to the incident.

He went on to draw comparisons between Jasmine Okafor’s personal Tiktok account, which has over a million followers, and her motives for taking down all of the actor’s videos and claiming his sole page.

“Wait I am confused, did Jasmine know Mr Ibu wasn’t going to survive, or something because I was on TikTok trying to search for Mr Ibu’s account and I couldn’t find it, I searched and searched but could you believe that Jasmine changed Mr Ibu’s account to her own name, and I was wondering what’s going she even deleted Mr Ibu’s videos on that TikTok account and I now search for Jasmine’s own, she has her own personal account”, he said in part.

See some reactions,

Kambeaut.y opined: “VDM I hope you can see ? You chose to support a stranger over his own wife . TikTok needs to take that account down.”

PaulEno1 wrote: “Shebi when the wife was complaining some people were saying Jasmine dey help Mr Ibu . Now see am.”

Dorisogala noted: “What is wrong with you.. haba allow this girl be.. in as much as I like your videos.. let her be..”



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