You are too young for this – Teen movie star, Angel Unigwe, under fire over her sultry outfit

Angel Unigwe, the doe-eyed teenage actress, stirred up a storm of disapproval among Netizens with her latest social media update. Their critiques were unabashedly direct, urging her to refrain from baring her on the ever-watchful stage of social media. Angel Unigwe, a rising star among Nollywood’s teenage actresses, set social media ablaze after viral photo of her effortlessly slaying in a tantalizing mini skirt made the rounds.

The controversial post stirred up a veritable storm of disapproval, as a multitude of voices descended upon Unigwe’s social media platform to castigate her for what they deemed as the dissemination of indecent imagery.

Amidst the torrent of criticism, a chorus of cautionary voices emerged, warning Unigwe of the potential long-term repercussions such brazen behavior could have on her burgeoning career.

Meanwhile, a faction of staunch supporters rallied behind her, vehemently defending her right to self-expression.


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