I Don’t Do Prostitution, I Prefer To Date A Guy But I’ve Never Dated A Guy Who’s Richer Than Me”Phyna

Phyna, the former winner of the Big Brother Naija reality TV show, made headlines with a revelation about her lifestyle and dating preferences. In an exclusive interview posted on the official Instagram page of Naija102 FM, Phyna clarified that she is not involved in prostitution, stating a preference for dating a guy instead. However, what turned heads was her declaration that she has never dated a guy richer than herself.



The interview, conducted in a candid and unfiltered manner, showcased Phyna addressing the rumors and speculations surrounding her personal life.

In the interview, Phyna was unequivocal in asserting that she does not engage in prostitution. The former reality TV star emphasized her preference for dating, a personal choice that distinguishes her lifestyle.

In her statement, she said, “I don’t do prostitution, I prefer to date a guy but I have never date a guy who is richer than me.”


Watch the video from (0:17 to 0:41).


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