Marriage is good, ramota come dey fine after wedding”- Fans reactions as Aunty Ramota share gorgeous photos online

Popular small-size actress Aunty Ramota has recently taken over social media with her gorgeous photos.

The actress who was in a movie set with Aisha Lawal and many others. While the actress was having their makeup done, Aunty Ramota makeup was done also and a picture was taken.

As Aunty Ramota shared the photos many celebrities and fans gush over her beauty.


She wrote: Beautiful Aunty Ramota ❤️ thanks to @aishalawal1 and the makeup artist @iamfreshfrosh2 @mazitundeednut

See how fans and celebrities reacted

Aishalawal wrote: sis thanks for being a wonderful person too

Jamiu_azeez wrote: Shey i no go reconcile with my estranged wife bayi this make up is on fleek

Ijesaekun wrote: Marriage is good oo ramota come dey fine after wedding

Geleissy wrote: The best makeup I’ve ever seen on her . No cap

Tee_grill wrote: where this makeup artist dey since nah??? se ramota wa kere ni???

Nisola wrotep” Yesssssss!!! Finally!!! This is it. She looks so beautiful and it almost got me emotional. Like whattttttt? Bless her

Tanimola wrote : Can she remove that piercing please . Gosh she is so cute

Gloroa_oluchi wrote: I promise you say aunty Ramota no dey happy for this make up , she wan do the makeup by herself

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