Bedroom video of Yul Edochie and Judy Austin gets Netizens talking

Bedroom video of Yul Edochie and Judy Austin gets Netizens talking
  • Yul and Judy Austin, renowned as one of the most lambasted celebrity duos on social platforms, sparked even more chatter with their debut TikTok live stream straight from their bedroom quarters.
  • In the live video, they delved into the recent whirlwind that followed the Valentine’s Day celebrations and imparted a cautionary message to those who are quick to judge others based on their actions.

Yul Edochie and Judy Austin, Nollywood couple, caused a stir online with their recent bedroom footage.

The actor, who recently unveiled his surprising new persona as a pastor, was spotted in the video with his wife, who was casually lounging and shifting positions in bed as they engaged with their fans during their very first TikTok live session together.

The duo were showered with TikTok gifts by their fans, a gesture that piqued Judy Austin’s curiosity, prompting her to inquire further about the gifts.

They proceeded to briefly discuss the recent Valentine’s Day celebration and shared their thoughts on how it should ideally be celebrated.

Yul Edochie, in his signature style of doling out advice, seized the moment to drive home the point that regardless of our religions and tribes, we’re all just human. He urged his fans to ditch the habit of judging others’ actions and lifestyles.


The clip spread like wildfire across various social media platforms, igniting a storm of reactions from Netizens. While some shared their observations, many stuck to their usual routine of lambasting the couple.



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