‘We ain’t winning any trophies for 5-6 seasons’: Barca fans react to Mbappe-to-Madrid news

'We ain't winning any trophies for 5-6 seasons': Barca fans react to Mbappe-to-Madrid news

Kylian Mbappe is officially leaving Paris Saint-Germain at the end of the season, with Real Madrid expectedly named as his preferred option.

The Whites will seemingly have an unstoppable attack next season – and there is little Barcelona can respond with.

Here is what some Barca fans think about it.

💭 Shanu: “That’s the final nail in the coffin for Barca. Forget about La Liga, we ain’t winning any trophies for 5-6 seasons.”

💭 David: “The Mbappe thing is not the best news for Barca. But do not spread panic. He is very good, but he is not Messi. Out of 7 Champions Leagues, he has won zero. In the 2020 final, Neymar was the best player, not him. Nothing guarantees success.”

💭 Subham: “Gavi once said: ‘Real Madrid can sign whoever, I don’t care’. The type of mentality Barca players/management/fans should have. Focus on yourself. Yes, if Madrid get Mbappe, they might be much stronger than us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t compete. We fix our issues, we might not win immediately, but we can definitely compete. Believe.”

💭 Neal: “Madrid’s squad is frighteningly good. You can’t deny the almost limitless quality and firepower. That said, while it may seem like Barca are far off right now (they are), the raw quality and potential we’ve got is absolutely good enough to compete. You start with not panicking, trusting your men, adding the right components to the squad, and most importantly, hiring the best man to lead the squad forward. It’s not about spending hundreds of millions, it’s about being smart and nurturing what you’ve already got.”

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