J.J Okocha’s daughter Dannie warns Nigerians as they storm her page over her cousin Alex Iwobi’s role in the Super Eagles

The results of the AFCON 2023 has left a lot of Nigerians agitated, and one downside to this situation is that often look for the next scapegoat. Ironically, they seemed to have set their sights on legendary retired football player’s daughter Dannie Okocha.

A few netizens stormed Dannie Okocha’s Instagram page, expressing their discontent over her dad’s football pick, Iwobi. Dannie did not take their comments lightly, as she made a post addressing their comments on her page, declaring that she would not tolerate such comments on her page, and she would block them.


Dannie Okocha’s post addresses una comments on her page about her cousin Alex Iwobi.

Dannie Okocha has always been low key on social media, with no attachments to social media drama. However, it seems that the comments over the AFCON game have gotten to her, therefore broken the ice she created over social media commentary on popular issues. Here are some of the comments that irked Dannie Okocha;

adamsmurray40 wrote, “Iwobi should change profession and look for something else”

adamsmurray40 wrote, “Come warn your dad never to slot for your flop cousin again.”

aye_miracle7 wrote, “Iwobi is a disgrace to una family Had it been I know you now, I would give you a dirty slap”

It is clear that a lot of Nigerians have directed their ire to Alex Iwobi over the Super Eagles’ loss at the AFCON 2023, and even his relatives have not been spared.

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