Cheating comes with blessing in a Relationship and Marriage. It is Okay to Cheat- Blessing CEO.

Nigerian controversial relationship expert, Blessing Okoro, popularly known as Blessing CEO has taken to social media to talk about the issue of unfaithfulness in relationships and marriages. She stated that it is all right for partners to be unfaithful, because favour is attached to such act.




The marriage counselor who spoke about such issue through her official Instagram account, stated that she will forgive her spouse that cheats on her, because even the Bible says that people should forgive seventy times seventy, adding that cheating is nothing to her but she will not forget how he broke her trust.


Speaking further, Blessing CEO noted that she will walk away from her relationship with her partner and move on with her life, adding that leaving her partner does not mean that she does not love him but sometimes, the meaning of true love is letting go.

The brand influencer further stated that cheating does not just hurt a woman physically but also mentally, emotionally and psychologically, adding that women shatter into pieces anytime they remember that their spouses cheated on them with another woman.

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Blessing CEO finally stated that;

“Cheating comes with blessings in a relationship and marriage, it’s ok to cheat.”

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