Barcelona Sporting Director Deco Draws Anger For Saying Club’s Method Is ‘Exhausted’

FC Barcelona's model is 'exhausted' according to Deco.

FC Barcelona Sporting Director Deco has drawn anger from some Culers and onlookers by saying that the club’s current method is “exhausted” in an interview to Portuguese media.

“A new direction is fundamental and the president [Joan Laporta] agrees with me on this. Profound change is needed. There’s a method that’s exhausted,” Brazil-born Deco told the Nascer Do Solnewspaper in his adopted homeland.

“We need to find someone who will break with the past once and for all and move into a new paradigm,” he added.

Deco’s remarks spread through social media like wildfire, and were feared by many to be a sign that Deco and Laporta might want to do away with the club’s ownership model, which Catalans are very proud of, or Barca’s typical style of play conjured up by the late, great Johan Cruyff and perfected by Pep Guardiola.

Regarding ownership, Barca is one of the very few clubs owned entirely by its members, known as socios. But given its financial woes, and inability to keep up with state-backed outfits such as Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City, there have been rumors that Barca might finally cave in and allow foreign investment or float something like the German “50+1 rule”.

Laporta’s main rival in the 2021 presidential election Victor Font certainly didn’t like what was said, whatever it meant.

“I guess Deco doesn’t think that and it must be a misunderstanding,” he began on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“Because what needs to change, and urgently because it is exhausted, is the management model. And not the game model. A game model that defines us and that continues to triumph outside our club!”

“We can lose games, even titles. But, please, defend all the features that make us differential and make us the best club in the world!,” Font demanded.

At his post-match press conference following a 3-3 to draw to Granada on Sunday, where Laporta reportedly sent canapes “flying” in a private box in rage, Xavi was told about Deco’s remarks.

“It’s not what he communicates to me. I can’t say anything else. I don’t know,” Xavi stated.

COPE reported how Deco has explained to the club that his reflections were made in reference to Xavi’s resignation, and on Monday he will explain them through its official channels.

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