All Men Cheat, When Your Husband Cheat Don’t Pack Out But You Can Cheat Back -According to Laide Bakare

Laide Bakare, a well-known actress from Nigeria, said in a video that all men cheat and that a wife who discovers her husband cheating should not end the marriage—instead, she is free to cheat back.

Laide Bakare said this during a video interview she had “In her words she said ” all men cheat when your husband cheat, don’t pack out but you can cheat back”

Laide Bakare said, all men cheat, she said she is hundred percent sure that all men cheats, she said when a an husband cheats on his wife, the woman should not pack out of the house, but woman can cheat back.

Laide Bakare said when the woman wants to cheat too, she should endeavor to do it with all level of maturity.

The interviewer asked Laide Bakare tgayvif her man cheats on her will she cheat back?

Laide Bakare made it clear that if her man cheats on her, she must make sure she cheats back.

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