Real Warri Pikin shares challenges after undergoing gastric sleeve surgery

Popular actress and comedian, Anita Asuoha better known as Real Warri Pikinhas opened up on some of the difficulties she’s faced since undergoing gastric sleeve surgery.

The comedian described some of the changes her body has endured since undergoing surgery in a video that she shared on her Instagram page as she participated in the viral “Of Course” challenge.

Real Warri Pikin

She noted that the skin on her arms, cheeks, and stomach is now sagging.

The mother of three revealed that following the procedure, she now has trouble excreting.

She added that following the surgery, she also lost her frontal hair and that she was no longer able to eat and drink simultaneously without getting heartburn.

She added that since having the procedure, she no longer routinely gets sick, feels fatigued, or has knee discomfort as she did when she put on a lot of weight.

Real Warri Pikin also expressed her joy of being able to put on her husband’s clothes and had to change her wardrobe three times.


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