“10 years ago I went through hell” Etinosa Idemudia having sleepless nights as she relives marital ordeal

Nollywood actress, Etinosa Idemudia has been left sleepless as she relived her first marital ordeal.

The actress who has been married twice, noted how 10 years ago, she went through hell in her first marriage, especially over her inability to have a child. She stated that she thought she was the problem until later on.

She questioned why in Nigeria, women always take heat from their husbands and their families over their inability to get pregnant. Sending an uplifting message, the movie star, who finally welcomed her first child three years back, used herself as a point of contact to those waiting for the fruit of the womb, especially those struggling with PCOS like she was.

Etinosa added that she has used her life story to create a movie that she hopes will minister to and entertain them.

“Why is it that in this country, when a woman isn’t getting pregnant the whole family of the man including the man will blame the woman. Even without a diagnosis.

To every man/woman out there trying to conceive, just know that God has not forsaken you. If he can bless me with a child after years of PCOS tears and shame. Then he can and he will definitely turn the tables to favor you”.

I can’t sleep. 10 years ago I went through hell. I thought I was the problem. I have taken a part of my life story and created a movie that I hope will minister to and entertain you…


Etinosa Idemudia has been married twice. She was first married at the age of 22 to Babatunde Solomon who is a military man. According to reports, the marriage ended on the basis of domestic violence. In an earlier interview, she said she left the marriage with fractured ribs and a stab wound.

Her second marriage was to a Benin-based lawyer. They tied the knot in 2020 and welcomed their first child together in December that same year. They however parted ways 8 months after their wedding.

While addressing her second crashed marriage in a TikTok video, she broke down in tears, as she poured out her heart.

The actress revealed that her marriage ended shortly after she gave birth to her daughter while adding that her husband left her.

A year back, while sharing her opinion on the continuous issue of domestic violence trailing most marriages, Etinosa noted that low self-esteem is what is killing young girls and not money. She further explained that what a mother says to her girl child becomes a principle of what the child grows up with.

Etinosa said she would have died in 2014 if she didn’t carry herself up. She said women go into marriages sane but develop mental issues because the man turns around to tell the world the ‘wife’ is a toxic person.

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