“As all your business don fail, na man you wan follow now abi” – Brother slams sister for dating his friend

Lady shares her brother’s response as she pranks him by telling him that she’s datinghis friend, Daniel.

The lady revealed that she wanted to see the way her brother would react if she told him that she was dating his friend.

lady sister brother dating friend

She told him that she and Daniel, his friend, are dating and they both didn’t know how to tell him.

The brother was surprised by this as he quickly sent her a voice note to know which of the Daniel.

According to him, his friend Daniel doesn’t look like someone who has any business with being in a relationship now because he looks broke and should concentrate on bettering his life.

He turned his criticism on her as he recalled how she had dabbled into different businesses, and they had all come to a failure.

The brother asked her if relationship is now what she has decided to settle on since all her businesses had failed.

Read some reactions below:

aisha_mi said: “Wtin concern her business with the relationship issues now, bro please be calming down 😂”

mikkyx wrote: “If you have a brother like this Ehn.. just dey Thank God everyday 😂 because they love you more than themselves…. You see all those insults he gave her saying all her business has failed in this life 😂 na their love language be that.. na how dem dey express love to their sisters ❤️❤️”

yemiwrld said: “What’s Daniel present predicament in life can you tell us please 😂😂😭😭😭😂”

fav_bae21 wrote: “I’m still looking for the equation to solve this issue…”why do brothers hate it when their sis is dating a friend of theirs?” Please use a louder mic for diagram explanations😂.”

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