Why I’ve To Wear Mask For The Rest Of My Career—Osimhen

Napoli forward Victor Osimhen has clarified that he will continue wearing a protective mask throughout his career due to safety concerns.



Osimhen sustained a severe facial injury in a collision with Milan Skriniar during a Serie A match between Napoli and Inter Milan on November 21, 2021.

Upon his return from the injury, Osimhen adopted a protective mask, which has now become a distinctive feature and gained popularity among Azzurri fans.

In an interview with Brilla FM while on national duty with the Super Eagles at the African Cup of Nations in Ivory Coast, Osimhen emphasized the risk he faces without the mask. He recounted an incident in the recent match against Cagliari where he endured a bloody face, even with the mask on, after a collision with the opposition’s goalkeeper.

Explaining the necessity of the mask, Osimhen disclosed, “I have to wear the mask for the rest of my career because I have screws that actually pass through my jaws and face. I still have them till now.” He further highlighted the peril he encountered in the Cagliari match, reinforcing the importance of continuing to use the protective gear.

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