Reality TV star Alex Unusual, in a recent interview with Doyin, in Doyin’s popular podcast Doyin Corner, has revealed the extent trolls would go to, to tarnish a celebrity’s reputation.

She revealed that at some point, people who did not like her had gone around spreading the rumours that she was a lesbian. She further disclosed that it did not end there. She had also heard rumours that she was rolling with a married man and that she was also sleeping with people for money, which she revealed she had found extremely confusing.

However, while speaking with Doyin, she also disclosed the reason a lot of people did not like to defend themselves when it comes to rumours and allegations that come online. She revealed that it’s because most times when you try to debunk a particular narrative, people would believe that it was unnecessary.

She also states that even if you decide to stay quiet, some people would also believe that you were staying quiet because you’re guilty. Her and Doyin confirmed the fact that there was no win-win when it came to dealing with the general public as they would stick with whatever narrative they wanted to stick with.