The DNA test as well as the results from the autopsy tests are delaying us from reburying Mohbad – Late singer’s father says (video)

Joseph Aloba, the father of late singer, Ilerioluwa Aloba aka Mohbad, has given reasons his son is yet to be reburied.


Recall that Mohbad’s corpse was exhumed from his graveside in Ikorodu in September 2023 for an autopsy to be carried out on him.

In an interview with TVC, Mr Aloba said the body of his late son is yet to be reburied because the DNA test on his grandchild hasn’t been done yet and also, the result from the autopsy test has yet to be released.

He stated that once these two things are done, the body of the late singer will be reburied.


‘’Mohbad had already been buried by me. With the arrangement, they had to exhume him to know exactly what killed him. Since we have been expecting the result to come out which is necessary before we can make any attempt to bury him. We need the DNA and the autopsy. It is very very important. So those are the things that are delaying (the reburial). After those ones, we can make move”

Speaking further, he said his family needs the DNA test to be carried out for some reasons.

‘’We need the DNA because when Liam was born, I don’t know the person they carried the placenta and gave it to. Immediately when Liam was born, my son called me. I responded and even wanted to go and meet him and then he called me and said ‘Daddy, no need again’ I was so surprised’. The family of the man is supposed to take care of the placenta but I was so surprised when that was taken away from me. Then I did not value it as something big but it was later I realized that there must be something behind the placenta.

I want to know the person they gave the placenta to. That is why I need the DNA and the autopsy to be out before we can do the burial.”

He says he will wait however long it takes to get the results of the DNA and the autopsy.


Watch a video of him speaking below…


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