‘Jeffrey Epstein paid Virginia Giuffre $15,000 to have s3x with Prince Andrew when she was 17,’ latest unsealed court documents claim

A new damning allegation has been made against Prince Andrew, the Duke of York.

Virginia Giuffre claimed paedophile Jeffrey Epstein paid her $15,000 to have sex with the Prince Andrew when she was 17-years-old in the latest unsealed court documents.

The 40-year-old made the allegations when she gave evidence in 2016 while being questioned under oath.



‘I did receive $15,000. I do not know the equivalent to what that is in pounds,’ she said , before she was quizzed by a lawyer on whether she paid tax on the amount, with Mrs Giuffre replying ‘no’. ‘



The Duke of York has always strenuously denied the allegations made by Mrs Giuffre, with whom in 2022 he reached a settlement for a sexual assault lawsuit made by her against him without admitting liability, paying out £12million. 



The five batches of ‘Epstein papers’ released in the last week has raised more questions about the royal’s friendship with the sex offender amid King Charles said to be considering evicting Andrew from his home at the Royal Lodge.



Yet a friend of the prince told The Times it was unlikely to happen as ‘blood is thicker than water’.    



They said it’s unlikely Charles would stop funding adequate security in order to apply pressure to move him out saying: ‘The King is somebody with a high level of integrity. 



‘There are people in the royal household who would take a more aggressive stance, but in that family, blood is thicker than water.’ 



In the final batch of documents, Giuffre also claims she was sexually abused by a second mystery royal as well as Prince Andrew.


The unidentified prince spoke with a ‘foreign tongue’ but he ‘spoke English well’, she stated under oath.

Her claim was made as she was interviewed by lawyers about her sordid life as a teenage sex slave for Epstein in which she says she was loaned out to his powerful friends.



In one court document released last night, Mrs. Giuffre – who at the time was Virginia Roberts – said Epstein and his madam Ghislaine Maxwell had sexually trafficked her to the world’s elite including in the south of France to a ‘world leader’, who was a prince.



She said: ‘He spoke in a foreign tongue, he spoke English as well, but I’m not too sure where he was from.’



The court documents, relating to a 2017 defamation case in which Mrs Giuffre sued Maxwell, are highly embarrassing for Andrew, who settled a court case with her while denying all of her accusations.



Mrs Giuffre described how Epstein’s New York mansion contained a ‘dungeon’ adorned with a ‘a huge photograph of me and another girl and a painting of both of us doing salacious acts together’.



In the billionaire’s Florida home, dubbed the ‘House of Sin’, she said there was a hall table with ‘at least 50 photographs, some with nude photographs, some with girls in raunchy – I mean lingerie – photos mixed in with Jeffrey and some of the privileged people he’s met, such as, you know, I don’t know, like old girlfriends or models or Naomi Campbell or whatever the case is’.



She added that she had also seen supermodel Heidi Klum at parties with Epstein.



The former Epstein sex slave – who has previously claimed to have seen ex-US President Bill Clinton on the financier’s ‘Paedophile Island’, said she had met the politician on a second occasion as well.


She stated in her sworn deposition: ‘There was a dinner, lots of laughing, lots of joking, it was just a dinner and then I didn’t have to do anything with Bill Clinton, he was never sexually involved with me.’



Mrs Giuffre said there were two girls with Epstein and Clinton and she could possibly identify them, but they were ‘beautiful, youngish’ and aged about 17 to 21.



The documents also reveal how Epstein and Maxwell – in their own ‘depositions’, or American legal interviews – were asked searching detailed questions about Prince Andrew’s alleged sexual proclivities.


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