TB Joshua: The whole thing is stage managed and fake; it’s faked; I supervised everything for years – Agomoh Paul


In a video shared by the BBC, Agomoh Paul, previously considered the second-in-command to TB Joshua in the church, made startling revelations about the alleged miracles performed. Paul claimed that the miracles were carefully planned and executed, describing them as staged and fake. He asserted that he had supervised these activities for years and had detailed knowledge of everything that occurred. 

According to Paul, a complex system was in place, including an emergency section where individuals were trained by medical doctors. Those with cancer were sent away, while people with ordinary wounds that could heal were brought in and presented as cancer patients. This created the false impression of instantaneous healing, although some recoveries actually took up to a year. Additionally, Paul mentioned threats made against him by Joshua, including an attempt on his life.

He said in the video, “Joshua came after me. He sent people; I was driving; they shot at the back of the vehicle; he sent them to kill me; he knew I knew so much about him. All the secret things he does, the manipulation. The miracle he did, the whole thing is stage managed and fake; it’s faked; I supervised everything for years. I know everything that happens. It’s a complicated system; we have the emergency section. They are being trained by medical doctors. Any cancerous situation, they send them away, and then people that have ordinary wounds that can heal, we bring them in to present as cancer. You’ll think that the healing just happened the same day, but some of them took a span of one year.”

Watch the video from 32:02

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