TB Joshua: The 16 years I spent there, we were the prayer warriors – Prayer Leader

In a video shared by Nigeria Stories and featured by the BBC, the head of Temitope Balogun Joshua’s prayer warriors recounted the story of TB Joshua going to a nearby river after their prayers. In the narrative, TB Joshua trimmed his beard and some hair from his private area, placing these in the mouth of a live fish before releasing it into the river.

He revealed that the fish in the river started reproducing abundantly, laying thousands of eggs. He pondered whether this phenomenon was a result of satanic influence or the power of God.

According to him, “The 16 years I spent there, we were the prayer warriors, which is the power house of the ministry. I happen to be the leader. He’ll give you a different assignment. There was one day when TB Joshua came to the mountain, and they caught one fish alive (very big).

So in my presence, TB Joshua cut his beards, cut part of the hair in his private part, and poured those things in the mouth of that fish. He said we should take it back to the river and drop it. That was how they started multiplying. When they lay eggs, they lay thousands of eggs. It’s secretive.”

Please watch the video below and fast forward to: 09:32

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