TB Joshua Allegedly Hid Bodies, Covered Up Building Collapse That Claimed 116 People, BBC Reveals



The BBC has uncovered new evidence suggesting that the late Nigerian megachurch leader TB Joshua concealed deceased individuals and intimidated families to conceal his involvement in the collapse of a building that claimed the lives of at least 116 people in his church in 2014.

The collapse stands as one of the most devastating disasters ever to strike a place of worship in Africa.

This BBC investigation marks the first instance where insiders from TB Joshua’s Synagogue Church of All Nations (Scoan) in Lagos have presented evidence revealing the cause of the incident nearly a decade ago and shed light on the pastor’s alleged attempts to cover it up.

It follows evidence uncovered by the BBC regarding widespread abuse and torture by the founder of one of the world’s largest Christian evangelical churches.

Two days after the collapse on September 12, 2014, TB Joshua publicly linked it to an aircraft flying over the building that housed visiting pilgrims.

However, an inquiry by a Lagos coroner aligned with emergency workers, attributing the collapse to structural failure and asserting that the building was constructed without proper planning permission.

Eyewitnesses informed the BBC that TB Joshua had been warned about serious structural issues before the disaster occurred. They disputed the airplane explanation as a “lie.”

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