“I am feeling frustrated and miserable” Sarah Martins breaks down in tears, as she shares her plight

Nollywood actress Sarah Martins took to her Instagram page, shedding tears as she expressed her distress over the worsening economy.

Urging her followers to allow themselves moments of tears before bedtime if it could bring relief, the actress, formerly close to Judy Austin, shared her frustration and misery caused by the economic downturn affecting businesses.

Sarah recounted how products she had purchased just two months ago for N4 million are now valued at N12 million. She struggled to comprehend the drastic change and revealed that while new orders continue to come in, customers resist any price increase.

Expressing concern for fellow business owners, she questioned how they are coping, mentioning that her stress levels are high and she experiences headaches.

In reflection, she contrasted her situation with the typical Friday scenes of people enjoying themselves in clubs, emphasizing the stark reality of the economic challenges affecting her and others.

The same product I purchased for 4m naira just 2 months ago is now 12m.

I can’t even wrap my head around it…
Orders are still popping on the same old price and customers no wan hear “price increase”

Business owners, how are you coping???
My BP is high and my head bangs….

God pls take charge”.

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