Khloe Kardashian knocks sister Kim Kardashian after she called her out for allowing son wear shoe on sofa



Khloe Kardashian hit back at sister Kim Kardashian on Sunday, after the reality star called her out for allowing her son to wear shoes on the sofa.


Kim, 43, shared Khloe’s son Tatum, 1, in white sneakers while playing on the couch next to his sister, True, 5.


Kim wrote: “Wow wow wow what a hypocrite @khloekardashian is!!!! I want to see if anyone knows why???”




Kim then shared screenshots from a BuzzFeed article that called out the Kardashian-Jenner family for always wearing their shoes on the couch. Kim then recalled that Khloe has previously been bothered by the behavior.


“I know I know!!!! Horrible, disgusting, awful habit @khloekardashian” Kim wrote on the photo.




Kim then zoomed in even closer to show Khloe’s son doing the same thing Khloe once disapproved of. She tagged Khloe in the photo.
The Skims founder then addressed a part of the article that wondered whether their mom, Kris Jenner, never told them off for wearing their shoes on the sofa as kids.
“Nope! Can’t ever remember @krisjenner teaching us this! How did @khloekardashian learn this skill I wonder!?!? And how did she forget to pass it on???” Kim wrote.
The mum-of-four continued to post screenshots, adding another one that showed Khloe’s unfavorable reaction to her wearing heels while sitting on Khloe’s couch in an episode of the show.
“Go off @khloekardashian !!!!” Kim wrote.
“Please now that I have nice couches I have realized how important this is! Do better @khloekardashian” Kim wrote in the last slide, adding three crying-out-laughing emojis.


Khloe, 39, took to her Instagram Stories to address Kim’s previous post.


“OMG you are insane! Lol these are brand new shoes lady! You’re sick,” Khloe wrote.


Khloe doubled down with another post, adding, “Brand f*****g new !!!!”




Khloe then told Kim: “I really feel like you finally understand the nastiest of this habit!! So I feel good about this.”



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