How I Found ‘Juju’ In My Jacket While Living In Davido’s Apartment – Peruzzi Reveals (VIDEO)

A former Davido signee, Peruzzi has recounted how he discovered a fetish item, ‘juju’ in his jacket while staying in Davido’s apartment.

 Peruzzi explained in a now-viral podcast making the rounds on social media that he was drawn to wearing the particular jacket after taking a shower that evening. The musician further added that when he picked up the jacket, a fetish item fell from the jacket, which he claimed had just returned from the dry cleaner’s place.

“I took a shower one evening like 6 p.m. just to shower and meet man them back down stairs to chill, because i was chilling there before I went back upstairs in David’s house while i was still living there and then i’m done taking the shower and  I go to my wardrobe to get my clothes and then i wear my shirt, i wear my pants and everything then one jacket was just telling me say pull me wear me wear me, I don’t know how to explain it it was sha calling me, so I carried it put my hand inside to wear it then something just dropped, I just looked at it jazz, tied everything, juju better juju, jacket that just came from the laundry ,” Peruzzi in the now-viral video said.


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